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Alan Kennedy-Shaffer is a Captain in the Colorado Army National Guard (JAG), a Ph.D.student at the University of Colorado Denver School of Public Affairs, and a progressive civil rights attorney.

Born in Brooklyn to two public school teachers, Kennedy-Shaffer attended public schools, then went on to graduate from Yale University and William & Mary Law School. As a former school board member in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Kennedy-Shaffer built a coalition that won the first unionized teacher contract in 5 years.

Kennedy-Shaffer has authored two books: The Obama Revolution, about his work electing President Barack Obama in 2008, and Denial and Deception: A Study of the Bush Administration’s Rhetorical Case for Invading Iraq.

Hagig_v_Trump--Zakaria-Hagig-and-Morgan-CarrollIn January 2017, Kennedy-Shaffer sued President Donald Trump over his unconstitutional travel ban – and won.The case, Hagig v. Trump, was featured in the Denver PostWashington Post, and The New York Times. Most recently, in July this year, Kennedy-Shaffer subpoenaed U.S. Senator Cory Gardner to hold him accountable for the arrests of healthcare supporters.

Kennedy-Shaffer’s earliest memories are of his mother pushing him in a stroller at marches and rallies supporting women’s right to choose, LGBTQ rights, public education, environmental preservation, labor rights, and healthcare for all. He has spent his entire life fighting for justice, education, and healthcare. Kennedy-Shaffer now lives in North Capitol Hill with his fiancée Tammy.

Personal_Tammy_1Senate District 34 needs a senator willing to fight for our progressive values. If elected, Alan Kennedy-Shaffer will fight for us!

Military Disclaimer
Alan Kennedy-Shaffer is a Captain in the Colorado Army National Guard. Use of military rank, job titles, or photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement of the Department of Defense or the Colorado Army National Guard.

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