Progressive Champion

Libyan student Zakaria Hagig, center, with attorneys Alan Kennedy-Shaffer, left, and Morgan Carroll

We need legislators who are champions for justice for the most vulnerable, for educational equity, and for healthcare for all. We must empower communities, end climate change, stand up for immigrants, and defend women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, workers rights, and democracy.

Senate District 34 is a growing and diverse community. We must build on our diversity by investing in affordable housing, accessible transit, great teachers, small businesses, cannabis, and living wages. Together, we will make a home for all who want to live, work, and learn here.

I believe in putting words into ACTION!

Champion for Justice: Fighting for Justice, Against Trump

  • Won pro bono immigration lawsuit against Trump, to overturn Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim travel ban
  • Fighting to double investment in affordable housing
  • Testified against the unsustainable I-70 Ditch
  • Wrote and passed Denver bump stock ban

Champion for Education: Fighting for Free College for All

  • Won first teacher contract in 5 years as school board member
  • Teacher; advocate for free full-day Pre-K and Kindergarten

Champion for Healthcare: Fighting for Healthcare for All

  • Defeated Gardner as attorney for healthcare repeal protesters
  • Sued Trump (again!) to protect women’s access to birth control

Voice for Cannabis Expansion / Pro-Choice / Pro-LGBTQ+

Endorsed by: Denver News, Progressive Democrats of America, VoteVets, Moms Demand Action