Take back the Senate!



Hi! I’m Alan Kennedy-Shaffer. I am a neighbor, a soldier, a student, a teacher, a progressive civil rights lawyer, and a believer that we can do amazing things together. My entire life, I have fought for justice, education, and healthcare for all.

And I have sued President Trump for his unconstitutional travel ban – and won.

If you elect me as your next state senator, I promise to fight for you and for what matters most. I promise to fight for justice for the most vulnerable, for education for the children who are our future, and for healthcare for all. We must preserve our earth from climate change, protect immigrants who make America great, and defend women’s rights, workers rights, and democracy.

From Globeville and Elyria Swansea to the Highlands and Sunnyside, from Regis to Auraria, from West Colfax to Westwood, and from Cole to Capitol Hill, our district’s best feature is our amazing diversity. We must build on our diversity through affordable housing, living wages, small business development, and equal opportunity. Together, we will make a home for all who want to live, work, and learn here.

Justice for All Education for All Healthcare for All

Military Disclaimer
Alan Kennedy-Shaffer is a Captain in the Colorado Army National Guard. Use of military rank, job titles, or photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement of the Department of Defense or the Colorado Army National Guard.

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